Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Better late than never

I have not blogged for almost a week!
My laptop was acting up, my sewing machine will not let me use elastic thread for a project I had planned on doing for the Think Pink Party on Sunday, I was @ Girl Scout camp over the weekend and came home to continued issues with both the laptop and the sewing machine. And now I have come down with something and have basically been horizontal all day. 
So here is what I was going to blog about last week, even though it is kinda irrelevant now...

Here are my kids Halloween costumes. I have never made them have always purchased them sometimes at no expense!
My Wyatt wanted to be a Minion. If you don't know what a minion is, it is from the movie Despicable me. I highly recommend this movie, very funny, cute & family friendly! Here is the inspiration for the costume:

and here is my little minion...

We had the yellow sweatshirt from last year, but the pants were another story. I searched high and low but there were NO overalls either new or used. My husband finally found a pair of 3T, striped white and blue, that he died with fabric die. Color came out more perfect than if we found "denim".
The fact that they were too short also worked in our favor, you could see his shoes better. 
Those I picked up at a resale shop for $3 and sprayed the white toe and border with black spray paint.

The patch on the pocket I got @ Michaels and cut it out before I ironed it on.
The goggles were glasses I bought there as well. For $1. I took the ear posts off and hot glued some elastic to them after I painted the outside of the lenses with Paris Grey Chalk paint. 

A cheap pair of black gloves and we have one adorable minion. He wore it to his trunk or treat at school Saturday night and my husband won scariest car!!
total cost: $9

For my daughter Morgan's costume I bought 3 yards of Muslin on sale at JoAnn's, and tore into 3" strips.

Picked up an off white turtle neck at a thrift store and stuffed it with grocery bags.

The long johns she already had. After stuffing them as well I proceeded to wrap them and use a glue gun to 
attach them. Then on Halloween she put them on over tights and a long sleeve shirt to keep warm. I then tied random pieces on the arms, , waist and chest so the fringe would hang down. I also tucked some in her snow boots that hung over  to hide the blue in them. 

I wrapped her forehead and chin with cheese cloth before I used the muslin so she would not itch. I also used some dark brown eye shadow on her eyes, some of her face and random places on the muslin. 

I think the off white gloves and missing front teeth finish this costume up nicely!!
total cost: $8
I hope you Halloween was as fun as ours!!

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  1. Great post here today.. These are awesome and FUN.. :)))

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