Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to see Pinterest activity re: your repins

Are you interested in seeing how much of your blog posts are being repined by others on Pinterest? Well here is a simple way to see all that activity.
Log into your Pinterst account and go to one of your boards and find a Pin that you know came directly from your blog. Here is an example.
I have a board that is titled 'a wee Meenit blog' and it has all of my posts pinned on it by me. I also from time to time, place them in an more specific board like 'pillows', 'hair', etc. Click on one of your pins. So now you only see that one Project you Pinned. In this case it is an Antler Wreath I pinned in December. To the left of that it will show a thumb nail of the board. Below that it has a spot that will say
also from aweemeenit.blogspot.com.
It will show 3 of your recent pins. If you click on one it will now show ALL of your Pins that have been REpinned by others.

Pinned Image

I am able to see that this Pin of mine, from my blog post has: 1 Like and 20 repins. It shows me ALL of the repins. It is pretty cool to see how much people have repined your stuff. 
If you go here, to my Pinterst board for a wee meenit blog you can see it for  your self. 
You can also do it for others if you find something you really like, you can see what else that blog or website has on Pinterst.
Happy Pinning!!!
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  1. OMG Im famous on pinterest lol...Yesterday I opened an account and thx to you I just found out that alot of people have pined my work...love pinterest
    thx for sharing

  2. Your welcome Rasha!! Glad you are now one of the Koolaid drinkers!

  3. okay, that was totally cool to see my stuff repinned! now i need to forget how to do it so i don't start stalking myself!!

  4. hey i saw the antler wreath post with 19 repins. i could only see 10 of the repins. how can one see all of them?

  5. Or just go here

    for stats on your own business just change the last part to your own URL

  6. Has Pinterest changed how they display the repins? I get a heap of notifications of repins, lets say 20 but when I look at the # of pins for that image it says 3. But if I click the link to the image from the email notice, in the top left corner of the image, it'll show the 20. What's going on there?



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