Saturday, November 5, 2011

so... my header is gone!!

yep, I had to go and fool with my HTML codes.
I was trying to sinc my 'pages' in my header with what my header actually read.
Obviously, I messed up.
It should be back in a day or 2.
I have searched for 2 days now and I have found no one that can tell me actually how to put it back,
but I was able to go back and copy my header photo with logo and pics at least.
Now I will have to pay my blog designer to put it back up!!
live & learn!

Ok, I got the header up myself, now I just need to try and get the navigation names in my header to sync up with the 'pages' I have changed. I no longer want blogroll up there and have replaced it in my pages, but it still showing up. Any thoughts out there in blogland??


  1. I sure cannot help you but I feel your pain. If I run across anything I will surely mail you and let you know asap. Good luck dear.

    Maybe you could try this link to fix your header. try going over the codes and see if you can figure out which ones lead to the nabs. just trying to help a fellow blogger. also, blogging for dummies might have something..let me know..i will keep searching...



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