Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thrift store finds

Since I have been gone and not feeling well, I have not been thrifting that much. 
I only have this one photo to share.

I bought a little black and silver 5x7 picture frame that either I will paint or use when I show 
my girl scout troop how to paint & distress a picture frame. I can't wait, 
I now have about 12 of these, still need a few more.
I bought this cute little tree, that is glued to a cut piece of wood. I will decorate with it later this month.
I also got a TP roll holder in silver for my 1/2 bath makeover, but it has no bar in it, so it will go back.
I also got this ironstone urn (love) that I collect for next to nothing.
A small bag of silver, green and blue ornaments, also for decorating later in the month. I also got this silver mens brush. It was all of $.80! I will put it in the kids bath with my other vintage grooming things like the shaving brushes. Lastly I got this heavy plastic towel holder. There is a crown, a flower and a shield with a Fleur de Lis on it. Can't wait to spray it!!!!
All this was well under $10!

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