Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a blog hop coming soon!

As in tomorrow.
I asked a few blog friends if they wanted to go in on a $10 and under ornament or gift link party.
I mean who doesn't need ideas for some of THAT?!
I will have a button for you to share, and we will chose a favorite each week to high lite.

It will run from 11/10-12/12.
So plenty of time to get creative!!
I will post more info tomorrow!!

On a side note:
anyone ever have an ear drum rupture?
I have been out of work since last Wednesday due to a horrific sough and cold.
I thought just a few days of rest and plenty of fluid would do the trick. Yeah, no.
I probably should have gotten to the Dr. last week. I was forced to go Monday morning, as
I had a ruptured ear drum in the middle of the night. Yeah, it hurts. like REALLY hurts!!
I had never had an ear infection much less a rupture!!
I was put on antibiotics, decongestant and pain meds.
My kids had terrible ear infections up until 2 years ago. Morgan had 5 sets of tubes by the time she was 5 and Wyatt had 2 sets by the time he was 2. And they both have had a ruptured ear drum. I knew it had to be painful, but now I really know what they went thru.
My ear has been slowly draining all day (a cotton ball helps catch it) and I can not hear out of my left ear. I CAN hear all the fluid in their though.
I am hoping I will turn the corner tonight, if not I will seek out an ENT Dr.

I have been absolutely useless to my husband as far as the house goes. He is such a great help, whether I am sick or not, he really is an 'equal partner'.
Hope you or your loved ones don't ever have to experience this!!
Until tomorrow, be well!

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