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1/2 bath reveal

When we moved into our current home almost 8 years ago, our 1/2 bath was covered in Sunflower wallpaper. Needless to say, it had to go. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time and my mother in law was nice enough to do the work for me. She scraped the paper off, taking some of the wall with her (I would have done no less in my removal of stubborn paper). She then applied the hastily chosen sage green paint I picked out and I have 'lived' with it since then.

Well, no more.
I started to redo the bathroom over 3 months ago, before the start of this blog, so no photos of the before. But it is a tiny, no window, oval mirror glued to the wall, over a faux marble pedestal sink, generic bathroom with builder grade light fixture and a big chunky ceramic toilet paper holder and towel bar. You getting the image yet?
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Here is an inspiration photo I forgot I put on my Pinterest board marked 1/2 bath makeover. It is a place I could gather all my ideas for the bath all together. To view the whole board, you can go to here.

These TP and towel bars are meant to be used in a tiled bathroom. 
The only benefit they had for us was to show the dust!
These photos are of the same ones we replaced but in my kids bathroom.

These will be getting cut out as well!

First my husband  we cut out around the towel bar and TP holder. After patching and many layers of sanding later, it was ready for some paint. I am a green girl, I have it in almost every room of my home. I have gone from a very dark, rich green many years ago to a more pale and soft green of recent years. I am kinda over it, so I went in a totally new direction for me. Blue. I was a little worried that a darker color would cause it to look smaller, but I am not sure it could get any smaller. I thought about a really great wallpaper, or even a stencil, but I have so many things I want to get done, that I decided another time. I may still do a stencil over the blue paint. I also toyed around with the idea of Bead Board or Board and Baton, but my laziness sensibilities talked me out of that.

The paint I chose was Behr Premium Plus Ultra Liberty. I love Behr paint and the fact that is is a primer and paint in one is a big plus! My home is a newer home, so the walls do not need any special care, I find this paint is just as good as Sherwin Williams.

Here is a very strange angle of the finished bathroom. It is very hard to photograph, 
so excuse some of the photos.

The medicine cabinet was also a Craigslist purchase. $10. Solid Oak. The finish on it was pretty bad though.

Someone had attempted to crackle finish it, and it ended up more like 'your face melted off ' look. I should know. I have had those looks in the past when crackle finish was in it's infancy! 

The hardware was painted so thick, it had to be cut out. But it was actually easy to remove the paint from it. If it is a water based paint, just soak the hardware for a few days and the paint will just peel off!

I did not want to strip this piece, just sand off all the layers of paint and give it a couple quick coats of Rustoleum Ultra White Satin. I think it wold have been quicker to strip it. It took many many hours of sanding with a hand sander. But I am happy with the finish.

Instead of painting the inside, I wanted to do a fun paper in there. I chose some scrapbook sheets from Hobby Lobby and just added Mod Podge to the front and back of it.

Can you tell the paper was not long enough and I had to piece it together? Me either!

The handle I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, so I think I payed a total of $3 for it.

Since we removed the towel bar from the wall, I needed a place to put guest hand towels, far enough out of the kids reach! I found this little hand made shelf with towel bar at a thrift store for $4 and took it from a bright green to a crisp white.

The metal towel holder next to the sink used to be off white. I sprayed it with Krylon Silver 
Metallic foil. The monogram towels I got at K-Mart when I went to pick up spray paint I 
walked past them and loved the font on them. I also got the matching soap dispenser.

TP roll holder, Walmart, $3. I went to Home Depot and Lowes, but I could not find anything 
I liked better and you can't beat the price!

The Fleur de lis mirror I bought last month out in the country on a trip to The ten Mile store, you can see that post here. I just diluted some silver rub & Buff and applied with a brush. If you have a larger area to do with the Rub and Buff, it makes it go a little further, but gives you the same coverage. The oval mirror that had been glued to the wall when the house was built is still glued to the wall. I just got lucky and hung this 30"diameter mirror OVER it!

Here is a better shot of the mirror with the lights out, again, excuse some of the photos.
The light fixture is newer as well. $15, Home Depot.

The pedestal sink was replaced with a newer one bought on Craigslist and had sat in our garage for about 4 years. Yep. 4. It came with the gorgeous faucet and we paid only $50 for! It is a much better sink than the cultured marble one that was original. We also changed out the off white light switches and electrical sockets as well as the covers to white. THAT is a cheap thing to do, and I think it makes a big difference if you are accenting with white. The toilet was the only thing in this entire bathroom that has not been changed.

Bathroom cost break down:
Gallon Behr Paint + Primer $29
Pedistal sink and faucet $50
Medicine Cabinet $10
2 cans Rustoleum white Satin Spray paint $8
Knob $3
Paper for inside Medecine Cabinet $1
Towel Bar with shelf $4
Hand towels $3
Soap dispenser $3
Toilet paper holder $3
Light Socket and Switch $2
Switch plate and socket plate $1.25
Fluer de Lis mirror $15
Bathroom light $15
total spent on bathroom $147.25
The Silver Rub & Buff, patch kit, Spackle and Mod Podge I already had.

I wish it wasn't such a small room so you could get a feel for the makeover, I love the new color, all the new things and the crispness of the white and silver.

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  1. Great job Bonnie. I love it!!! Good for you for picking BLUE!!!


  2. Great job. Love it. Liberty looks awesome in the bathroom. The monogramed touches are super nice.

  3. Very pretty color and I hear ya on taking pics of small rooms - so difficult! Love all the silver touches against the white and blue!

  4. Beautiful shade of blue--great makeover. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday



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