Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have gone thrifting some in the last 2 weeks and wanted to share with you some of the 
things I have been finding.

This trip consisted of Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Habitat Restore in down town St. Louis.

I bought a large creme table cloth, a few new white candles, a green Styrofoam 
wreath and some thick thread. Not sure what t is called, twine? It is thicker than thread, but thinner than yarn. Anyone,anyone...

I got a few more clear vases for some of my sweater candle holders and a number of Antique books.
Also2 Pyrex ramekins. I put side dishes or fruit in them all the time for my kids.

This pillow was $.50 and I bought it to use the stuffing out of, but when I got it home I realized it only needed the seam to be sewn back up, so I will just keep it. It is a silk Shantung pillow, just my colors, can't beat that!

I love old Children's books!! This one at Goodwill was $.75.

I got 4 tiles from the Habitat Restore to do a coaster project with and the 
crystal swag for decorating Christmas.

I picked up 4 old ornaments, and a Nancy Drew book for Morgan. I hear she will be getting some of these for Christmas and this one was only $.25 at Goodwill.

I love this ruffled linen shade. I am not crazy about the pearls, and am on the lookout 
for something to replace or cover them with. It is am older shade in perfect condition!

Baskets, baskets, baskets. I love unusual shapes and colors. The large one on the left is a tall apple basket I paid a quarter for at the Habitat Restore, the little red one I couldn't resist for $1with those adorable bells on it and the pale green was also $1.

The glass candle plate and a hurricane will be glued together to make a pedestal. The little flocked tree will go with my tree collection and the red bandanna will be used in Wyatt's cowboy room somehow.

I got these door knob plates at the Habitat Restore for a quarter a piece. I have no idea 
what I will use them for, but I will think of something, I think they are very cool. I also got a flat iron travel case for when i go off site to do hair.

This is what I got this week. The little penguin in the back is my favorite find of the week!! Can't wait to decorate with him. I also bought 2 sets of crystal candle sticks and one tall glass candle stick for a fatter candle. I bought a vintage box of tinsle and an ugly straw wreath I will make into something else.
Also a brand new red candle and a silver stocking holder. 

A few inexpensive ornaments. A glass star, 2 antique ones, one with paint swirled inside 
and a wooden horse one I have big plans for. I bout the basket in the background which is a smaller version of the large apple basket and this one has a handle. I stuffed it full of newspaper and then put in the bag of pine cones I also bought and it will sit on my fireplace hearth. I may dip some in candle wax to use as fire starters for the fireplace.

All in all, a successful 2 weeks of thrifting. I did not break the bank and I am helping out 
with the reuse of all these things that someone grew tired of. 

I also got a wreath with grape leaves and silver bells. Then I picked up the gold bells and one red one for a quarter each. The gold ones wil get prayed with a silver mirror finish spray paint.

I got an elastic ribbon that is usually made for baskets, but I put it on my cable knit sweater 
pillow I made to give it a little more Christmas feel to it.

And lastly I had to grab a few more sweaters, I need more stockings and some pillows, I bought 
the hat to use as embellishments on them. I bought some more inexpensive pillows to use the stuffing out of.The antique hand stitched pillow case will go in my spring pile, to be determined what to do with it later.

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  1. Hi, Bonnie

    I just love your finds. If I lived close to you, I would go shopping with you and we would do some damage. I see we have the same love of things. Awesome.


  2. All nice finds, but the metal hardware is my favorite. I have to find a REstore around me that I won't be afraid to go to alone!

  3. Bonnie,
    You scored some GREAT things! I'm super envious of the old Golden Thoughts book u found. ;) I volunteer for Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue and live with 3 Goldens. I MUST have this book ...I've already looked on Ebay with no luck..can u tell me the author? Thanks Bonnie! :)



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