Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkins past and present

I love the fall and my favorite Holiday just may be Halloween. Wait, is it a holiday?? Not sure, but anyway, I love pumpkins! All kinds of them real or faux!
Here are some new ones I have just finished as well as another peak at some I have already shown you. Hope you enjoy...

I have had this photo for a few years now. I LOOOVE it!

It is my inspiration for the first pumpkin to show you.

Here is my pumpkin. I decided to do a small faux one, not knowing how labor intensive this 
would be. Glad I was not too ambitious!

I tried to figure out what would be comparable to upholstery tacks. I bought some 'brads' (what a weird name for them). but thought it might be too hard with the tail being so long. I went to a few hobby stores and settled on some rivets I found in the leather working area. They come in 2 sizes and each had 2 pieces too it. I assume, you would put one on a different piece of material and snap together. I bought a small and medium size bag, for about $3.89 each.

I painted every single one of them with acrylic craft paint and let dry over night. I chose a simple stencil and a small faux pumpkin. This project was very inexpensive, but time consuming and it KILLED my thumb!! I used the new Martha Stewart spray adhesive to keep my stencil on straight. I took a long nail and punctured where I wanted the rivet to go, then pushed it into the pumpkin. 

14 hours One hour later I was done. I had to touch up some of the rivets with the black paint, the stencil had actually touched a few of the rivets and pulled the paint off, but no worries! I then took it out back and sprayed it with a very high gloss clear spray paint. Let it dry over night and voila!! If you want to attempt this, I would seriously consider either black flat push pins or bulk upholstery tacks you can find from 
an upholstery supply store. DIY Upholstery Supply online is pretty good.

Next up is my favorite, the Chalk Paint pumpkins!
I did a post a few weeks ago about how to paint pumpkins with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
 You can see that post here.

Love the Greek Blue with a wash of Old White!

Here are my Metallic Jade pumpkins you can see the post on those here.

I just finished a few silver pumpkins. I used Krylon Foil Metallic spray. I think I am going to repaint my Thrift store lamps I put in my bedroom, this is so shiny, it really looks like a nickle finish!

I am going to try to get a Mercury glass finish with this spray paint also!!

I also did a turquoise pumpkin. I mixed some metallic green craft paint with a little bit of ASCP duck 
egg blue and painted over one of the silver pumpkins, then distressed it a little.

I do have real pumpkins too! (OK the orange one is real, white is not!) LOL

Here is my front porch with some Heirloom
pumpkins I got at the Farmers Market. My favorite is the top one on the chair, it is such a pretty butter color!! The other thing I like as much as my pumpkins are roasted pumpkin seeds! But those will have to wait until closer the Halloween. Hope you enjoy my pumpkins!!

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  1. I have to make me a silver pumpkin. All your pumpkins are very cute, but I am in love with the silver one.

  2. I love all of these! I'm so behind in my fall decorating! Oh well...Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  3. I'm enamored of all your pumpkin projects but your porch has inspired me! I have the chair and the porch and a black planter....I better get to it! This would carry well past Halloween up to Thanksgiving. Well done!

  4. How cool! What a nice assortment and I'm totally loving the stack on the chair. :)


  5. I'm so inspired to make some fun pumpkins now! These turned out great :)




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