Monday, October 17, 2011

how to have better pictures taken of yourself

 I personally can't stand to be in photos. I take tons of pictures of my kids, but hardly any are ever taken of me. Maybe because I am heavier than I want to be right now. Or older, who knows. 
So I have always been conscious of it when I HAVE to be photographed. 

Here are some random photos I found on the web, as I explain some things to keep in mind when being photographed.

I know, I know, she is beautiful, how could she take a bad picture?
But her position is great! Head slightly turned towards the camera.

This little girl is quite the poser! Kids rarely take a bad picture.

I am sure even celebrities do not like photos taken, but I actually think this is a good heads hot of her.

Yep, she is a model, but we can learn alot from the way they pose!

This gal is just standing on the street, but looks great doing it.

Even an older women like Helen looks great, her posture is superb!

This gal is posing in a very flattering way and her smile looks relaxed.

I love these two shots with the hands on the chin, great for hiding those double chins that
seem to pop out of no where in photographs!

This may be a bit to 'posey' but you get the idea, turning slightly to the side and your arms 
away from your body make you look slimmer!

Good posture is important in photos as well! Also to avoid the dreaded double chin, have a photo taken of you from above, Not on top of you, but just so the lens is slightly angled down towards you, it will make you look slimmer!

Ok, he is just cute, but he has a nice relaxed smile! 

The video below I came across when I was searching the web for photography info. I love the info they give on making your smile look the most relaxed. Breath OUT not in!!! In looks to fake and severe, out looks natural and relaxed. Try it, it works!!

Click on the link i heart faces to see the video!

For even more info you can go to wikihow here.

Oh yeah, look for a new profile pic of me soon using these tips I found!!


  1. Ugh - we just got our family photos tonight. I swear I was sucking in my stomach and holding the weirdest poses, all in the name of looking 5 pounds thinner! Whatever works, right?!

  2. Hi, Bonnie

    Great post. By the way, have a link party I am hosting love for you to stop by.
    Have a great day.



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