Friday, October 7, 2011

Few little things...

While waiting for my ASCP to arrive, I finished a few little projects.

I came across a old shoe shine caddy a few weeks ago @ a thrift store. It was $8 & solid 
wood. Came with a brush and a shoe lace hook thingy that you can put in your 
shoe laces to pull them tighter by just pulling on them.

Anyhow, I have re-purposed to to be my paint caddy.

So, brushes, including wax brushes and smaller detailing ones, a small roller, scissors, screwdriver.
I love it, now all my little stuff is not all over the house/garage work studio.

My ASCP came in today. Including the new no drip pour spouts! I also got some of the new 
colors to play with! My stockist, Patty from Classic Wall Finishes is the BEST! She threw in a new 2" brush for me!

 I  took a class in NJ when I went back East in September and Patty and her sister Karen gave such a GREAT workshop!If you are in the need of some Annie Sloan info, call them!!
(see the faux pumpkin in the background? Hubby carved different designs and placed them over our landscaping lights. He is pretty handy at times!!) I will show all of them when we are done with the front of the house...

Another little project is a new floor lamp. $12 at good will with an ugly shade. Nothing a little spray paint 
can't fix!! I used Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze and is looks soo great.

I bought a Pottery Barn Lamp shade from a gall on Craigslist and knew It would come in handy sometime!!
It is brand new and she only wanted $35 for it. She originally paid $80 for it (CRAZY huh?!)

I went to a little house I have not been to in years in Cottleville called Robin's nest and forgot how much I loved her stuff! I got 2 Old bright orange books (they look much more brown in the photo) I have never seen old books that color! $5 a book. The little owl was $5, the clock, $4 & the cute little leaf with a bird on it, $6.

Lastly is a gourd farm I forgot about. You choose your gourd & drop the money in a locked amo box (?) and away you go. Guess the honor system is still alive in some places. I can't wait to go back up there and get some mini gourds so I can make little ghosts like I saw on a blog, but for the life of me, I can't find it to give credit to.( If you remember, please email me the name or on comments below!)

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