Thursday, October 13, 2011

An Autumn Sunday at a corn maze

This past Sunday, my in-laws came in town for a visit. We had never been to the corn maze 
cross town, so we decided to finally go. Here are a few pics that captured our day.

The kids love to spend time with their Grandma & Papa!

The weather was absolutely perfect!

My son Wyatt loves anything with a saddle on it, even a bale of hay!

The farm has been around for over 100 years and had everything you would expect to see 
on a farm (well, no pigs).

lots of chickens & one rooster (lucky guy)


A super cool maze that we found hidden stakes in with a letter on it. It spelled out the farm name.

A boy & his granddaddy!

I did not know corn grew this tall!!

There was even a hay ride driven by the owner on his tractor.

After Wyatt tried unsuccessfully to catch a chicken my hubby caught it for him.

When I tried to catch this one, well, it was kinda a joke!

This gall thought my shoelace was a worm.

Wyatt loved that he could 'pet' the chickens!
We usually will go apple picking in late September, but the time got away from us.
I miss the apples & will have to make sure to go early next year!

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