Monday, October 3, 2011

It is soo bittersweet

My husband works for the Missouri Department of Conservation. He is outdoors almost every day. 
He gets to enjoy natures bounty for all the seasons. Every once in a while I have a request for him.
In the fall it is Bittersweet- the berry's!!!

They end up with a orange/reddish berry on them, but if you pick them early enough, 
you can get this beautiful buttery yellow berry. 
I took a grapevine wreath that only had a little bit of faux grapes & leaves on it.

I just started by cutting some of the smaller branches off the big hunk he brought home. I did not use any glue or wire, just tucked them in between the vines of the wreath. 

I think it is just perfect! I love that it is not symmetrical & I love that it is all natural.

Here it is hanging on the front porch.

Or the front door?? Hmmm, can't decide which I like better. Any thoughts??

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  1. That looks great! - saw you on linky party and now gfc following you, Karima

  2. I love bittersweet! We used to harvest it in Ohio!



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