Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ten Mile Store and a county wide garage sale

We were in the country this weekend and there it was a Macon, Mo city wide garage sale!
I went out late in the morning, with just a set amount of money. I have alot of unfinished furniture in the garage that I have yet to be able to get to. I promised hubby no more furniture until I finish alot of it.
But he didn't say anything about STUFF!

The first garage sale I went to had this little table that had been pieced together many years ago. I love it, someone upcyling a long time ago!! It has cute little wheels, trim on the base, a post in the center, with spindles as well. The top is several pieces of wood lined up and framed out with a decorative trim on it. Lots of old varnish. for $15, I can't wait to make it look pretty!

I also got a few vases, didn't pay over $4 for any of them. Also a little Ironstone creamer, to go in my collection.

A few ornaments for $.50 a piece, love the peacock one! May have to make a few of those.

The hubby's maternal grandmother lives in an area called 10 mile. I have been going there for 12 years now and the little store on the corner called Hay's 10 mile has never been open for business, until now. 

When I walked in I felt like I was on the Walton's TV show (for you youngin's, look it up). Rough wood floors, tin ceiling, and a table in the center where the 'regulars' play cards a few times a week.Only there are no edible goods on the shelves, just some collectible  Those bags underneath the shelves; horse and cow feed. 

See the feed sacks up above? There used to be 2 more,

but they came home with me. $7 a piece.

Way in the back is a creamer area. It is screened in because they used to have to let fresh cream, well, cream. Or whatever it used to do. Curdle? I don't know. It is all original. I love the bead board!

Opposite the creamer cage was a tool area, except the rocking horse, all for sale. And this...

Hmmmm, what could this be shoved in a corner like that?? I don't know,

maybe this 30" Fleur De Lis lead glass mirror that was priced at $15!!!!
Yep, I thought there was a zero missing. I snatched it as fast as I could, even though there was no one else in the store but us and the gal behind the corner. They also had a tall oval one, never seen one like that as it was pretty ornate. But it was in my opinion not as nice as this one, and $10 more. Maybe when I go again (there will be another trip there next month) it will still be there. The mirror will be getting a treatment and end up in my 1/2 bath that I still have not painted! Stay tuned...

This is shelving behind the counter. It went on forever! Old metal signs high up on the wall. The deals here are A.MAY.ZING!! See those Breyer horses towards the top? $7 a piece. Old clocks, old photos, tin types, dishes, baskets, cookware, on and on...

This is from the back of the store, looking up front. Sorry about the lighting, it is original too.

Deer racks line the front window with a hornets nest wrapped around one of them.
I have just found the most secret little gem of a place!!

This is the said Maternal Grandma, Grandma Ginny. Here she is helping my Morgan sew a pillow. She has the patience of a saint to take on both Morgan and I, as she helped me with my new sewing machine. I had no clue how to thread the bobbin or the machine for that matter. My Mom bought me a Singer sewing machine when I was in 8th grade. Not something an 8th grader was excited about. At least not this one. I would go next door to the neighbors house and she would teach me how to sew. I made an adorable dress and skirt and then never touched sewing again. Until 30 years later. Wanna see a peak at my first venture back into sewing?

Yep, my window cornice. 7 different panels, cording, pleats, lining. All of it done by Moi! 
(it is badly in need of an ironing)
When I finish up the other one and hang them, I will show you how I did it.
All in all another great trip to Macon County (MO)!


  1. Wow,I think you did stumble onto a treasure! Love your finds. Thanks for posting! Am your newest follower. Liz

  2. Hi Bonnie! So happy to have found your blog via the Wednesday blog hop!! I am happily following you now!! I hope you will follow me, too! Many blessings to you!!



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