Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'like' fresh tomatoes all year long

I LOVE home grown tomatoes. But unfortunately they have a short season.
While at my hubby's child hood home, my father-in-law shared with me that you can 
freeze tomatoes. Who knew??

Hubby's Grandmother still has a lot of tomatoes on her huge tomato plants (I think we got a total of 3 from our garden!) So we brought a bunch home with us.

The prospect of picking off of sandwich's and picking out of your salad those flesh colored 'tomatoes' they try to serve you at restaurants during the cold months are a joke. You know, the ones that look more like a peach and have absolutely no flavor at all? Yeah, them.

After washing them and taking out the stem, I cut them up and places them on wax paper over a cookie sheet. I cut some in various ways you may cut a tomato.

I froze them for 2 hours then quickly packaged them up in freezer tight containers, so all we have to do is reach for one and let it thaw for about 30 min.

I can not wait to eat some of them in the coming months, nothing like a juicy ripe tomato with just a 
touch of salt on it, Mmmmm. What would you fix with these frozen tomatoes if you had them all year long?

 I realize this post may not matter as most of the tomatoes in our region (mid-west) are done. I only just learned about this, so I wanted to share if anyone still has access to them, but not all winter!!
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  1. umm...where exactly do you live and when can i come for dinner? i'm already drooling...


  2. That's really cool! You will have to let us know how it works out when they thaw. Tomatoes are so tasty! Thanks for stopping by the Bonnie Burrow.



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