Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Mantle and Front Porch

I decorated my mantle and built ins last weekend, after I painted the backs 
of the built ins. I was inspired by so many 'unpredictable' fall decorated mantles, 
I wanted to do my mantle over.
I just had to do it. Mr. hasn't noticed yet, he already 
thinks I am nuts, so who cares!

I did it a couple times, not sure which one I liked. I started with some of my ironstone pottery collection.

I wanted a more, white, Greek blue (pumpkins) and a touch of green.
I just kept moving stuff, taking away then adding back. 

I love my shed antlers, and the grasses are from my landscaping.

I pulled out a white platter I use at Thanksgiving, it is covered in leaves.

I think I like this one the best. I put just a few sprigs of greenery in and took out the platter.

Is it better? I think so!

I also did my front porch. I have a local farmers market I go to weekly & got ALL these 
pumpkins for $20!

They even had an amazing price of $3.99 on the fall mums. 
The Boston Fern was $14 & it is HUGE!

My kids wanted to decorate the front door. Isn't it PRETTY??? :o)

Just for a few minutes my Wyatt stopped moving long enough to fall asleep 
on me.That is my favorite and I do not get that any 
more having no babies! 
My kids are off to the grandparents for the weekend, 
so lets see what I can get done while they are away!!!

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  1. Hi...why did you remove the post of the all link parties??

  2. Looks great! I love all your pretty colorful pumpkins! I'm happy to be following you back!



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