Friday, September 30, 2011

Monogram Vinyl letter behind glass frame

Christmas is 12 weeks from this coming Sunday!!! So I decided to get a jump on making some gifts!

This is my inspiration frame, I got at Hobby Lobby. It was on sale for 1/2 price so it was only $9.99.
Not bad, real wood, nice vinyl cursive initial, pretty ribbon. But I knew I could make it cheaper.

(sorry, picture will not rotate or center)

I scored a few thrift store frames for $.50 a piece. I removed the backs, and only used the glass and frame.
I spray painted them in Krylon Black Satin weeks ago, It is SO hard to find vinyl lettering in this town!! Anyone else have that problem?? I went everywhere. I was in the 'painting on fabric craft(y)' section today at Hobby Lobby and just happened upon them. Last time I was there, I spoke to the manager & hes said they didn't carry any, go figure! They were $8.89 for 2 letters and 1 Fleur de lis.

I positioned the vinyl center, then rubbed out any bubbles. I took E-6000 industrial glue from Hobby Lobby
(I chose that glue as apposed to hot glue, because it didn't set up right away). Besides, I can't stand burning my finger tips with hot glue. I only break it out when there is nothing else available.

I took some ribbon I had on hand and literally glued it to the back of the frame & let dry.
I also hit the 4 corners of the glass with it, to keep the frame in place.

I did not distress the frames as in the inspirational photo, but I may still, who knows.
These cost me $3.50 a piece, plus spray paint & ribbon. Not too bad for some cheap
thrift store frames! Also not to bad for knocking out a few Christmas gifts!!

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  1. Very pretty! You are way ahead of me. I'm just trying to get my Autumn decor in place, giggle. Hugs and thank you for linking up at the Thursday Favorite Things Hop. Katherine

  2. Twelve weeks? I better hurry since I haven't even finished Fall! Your gift ideas are so cute and so thrifty!

    Thanks so much for linking to Potpourri Friday. I appreciate your participation!

  3. Hi There! I'm hopping over from Katherine's Favorite Things party! I love anything with a monogram and this is very pretty!! Very creative and relatively easy to do. I like easy!!! I am now following you and I hope you will follow back! God bless!

  4. Love this! Put me down for a "L"! My house could use more personal touches like these.

  5. @susanlawver LOL, see that "L" up there?? YOU weren't supposed to look at this post!!!

  6. I'm really impressed with your ingenuity. This looks so fabulous. And ya know what? I was looking for vinyl letters at Hobby Lobby too {not the little ones in the scrapbook section} & I was also told they didn't have any. Thanks for linking up to Fabulous Friday.

    Warmly, Michelle



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