Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas decor our home 2011

I just thought I would share a little more of my Holiday decor.
You saw some of my hutch when I showed you my dinning room. 
I had not organized my hutch in almost 8 years and it looked it!!

I would take out and put back anyplace I could find, as long as the door shut. Sorry, no before pictures.

But I thought, whats the point in having it if it is not pretty and you are not proud of it.
SO I spent a few hours and started from scratch! I will never let it get like that again!

My crystal was filthy, so it all needed to be washed.

I have really liked this china cabinet, it has served me well. It was a big splurge 
I bought way back when I was a single mother.  I am thinking, 2 sets of china and lots 
of silver and crystal, I may need to get a wider, yet skinnier hutch. 

I will have to put that on my 'be on the look out for' list.

I found this cute little deer at a thrift store a few months ago. He needed a little glue & some love. 

This is what he started out as. They were a really faded grey and falling apart. 
Like I said a little glue and some Metallic silver spray paint and they are just like new.

I have had this snowman for a while now. He is the first Annalee figure I purchased. 
I propped him up against my collection of red antique hardbacks.

Here are two more Annalee's.I like them because they are bendable.

I have a few of these ceramic trees. The snowman tube is actually old matches that my mom used to put out every year. The are definitely something that reminds me of her!

I love Santa plates. Can't you picture it down on the fireplace hearth filled with cookies for the jolly old guy?

This may be my newest favorite piece. Frosty's top hat, with berries, bows, and balls!! And a little snow for good measure! It has a hole under it so you can use as a tree topper too! I got it for 1/2 off last year at Ben Franklin in Macon County the day after Christmas. That place is dangerous for me!!

My husband calls this the ugly creepy elf!! He is, kinda.

I made this cardinal on top of the pine cone many many years ago.

I love old Christmas lights. I have been collecting these for years!

They are home in a 1954 silver trophy bowl. When I cleaned out the hutch, I also polished all my silver.
UGH. What a rotten job THAT is!! DO you know that Mercury glass was popular for 2 reasons. One, because it was cheap and two, it LOOKED like silver but you didn't have to polish it. Also there is no Mercury in Mercury glass. It just looked like the Mercury in old thermometers.

My Morgan came home on Christmas eve and my son Andrew posed with her. I love these photos. The one on the left is actually her birth announcement and we put her in a stocking!! It was soo cute. 
Man time goes fast.

Here is another of my deer collection! It  was not originally an ornament until I stuck it on the tree!

My poinsettia is so pretty, it has a little striation of white in the center of the flower petals. 
I have it in my 1962 Stock racing winners cup.

These are ornaments, that I didn't know what to do with, so I tossed them in my ironstone vase.

Zach our Elf has been up to some mischief lately!!

Ii don't have what I would call a theme tree or a stunningly beautiful tree, but it has a
 lot of special memories on it that's for sure!

These are the same bells that Santa's Reindeer left at our house one year when we were growing up. 

I just love my little Chenille snowmen I made in November!
I need to get a photo in that cute little frame.
So that's about it.
Hope you have enjoyed a peak inside our house at the Holidays!
I am loving looking at other blogs and seeing what everyone else is doing to their house. It is like driving 
down the street and not even having to look in the windows!!

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  1. Wow, really looks great! I really love the deer AND your collection of lightbulbs. I grew up using those bulbs but never thought to collect and display them. So clever!

  2. So many things to love! The reindeer, the old bulbs, and especially how it's all put together like a collection over time and special to you - the matches are especially sweet ;)

  3. Hi Bonnie. I found your blog at Debbie's newbie party. You have great style. Love your blog. I'm giving you the Liebster blog award. Stop by my blog to find out more about.



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