Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cinderella makes her debut

My Morgan will turn 7 on the 22nd. We like to celebrate her birthday either a little bit earlier or after Christmas, so we had it Saturday. I had asked her what she wanted for a cake and she wanted blue cake with blue icing.
My first thought was, oh great, a smurf. The I thought of Cinderella! I cake with a Cinderella doll and the cake would make up the dress! I have never attempted this before so here is my amateur attempt at her Blue Velvet cake. 

I did not have a skirt pan and for $18 did not want to buy one. So I improvised with an Anchor Hocking oven proof, glass, shaped kinda like a skirt bowl and 2X9" rounds. I found a recipe online using a box cake mix and other ingredients. Here is the recipe.

  Blue Velvet cake
  1         box Cake mix
1 1/4
cups buttermilk
cup vegetable oil
tablespoon unsweetened baking cocoa
teaspoons royal blue paste food color
toothpickful violet paste food color
Heat oven to 325. Lightly grease and flour the cake pans, then mix ingredients on low for 30 seconds and then medium for 2 minutes. (I had a lady tell me once that you should always mix cake batter for longer than the recipe calls for, you will get a fluffier cake. Sounded good to me!) Bake for 22-27 minutes, but I had to go longer on the glass bowl, as it was deeper.
I used a gel food coloring I had instead of the gel.
I also had a recipe for the frosting, but my cake turned out a little green, so I said NO way am I gonna do a green Cinderella, so I called up our local grocery store and bought some of the blue icing from the bakery

I remembered I had bought a glass plate and this light fixture sconce from a thrift store earlier 
this month and used glass glue to put them together for a pretty cake plate.

The cake looks horrible!! The outside has a greenish cast to it, but the inside is blue. I sliced off the top to make it flat. I used 2 round cakes, and took a small glass and cut out a hole in the center for the dolls legs.

I had to use a lot of icing around the bottom of the top layer of cake as it was a little 
smaller of a diameter than the 9", to make it a gradual slope down.

I tried to smooth the skirt as much as I could. I always knew that cake decorating was an art, 
but now I really can appreciate the detail and beauty that they can work into a cake. Needless to say, I decide this Cinderella's dress would be a little different than the original and went for a 'fluffy' dress.

I bought the doll at Walmart for $9.

I took off her clothes and wrapped her in saran wrap. Makes cleaning her up much easier!

Sorry about the blurry picture!

The Fondant flowers on her dress I bought from a bakery supply house. They are little blue forget me knots ($.10 each) and white roses ($.25 each). I already had the tiny white balls I used as well.

I am pretty pleased with the cake but I need a LOT more cakes to decorate!

(I made a smaller cake to place the candles in)

But I think that this little girl was quite impressed by her mommy's skills and loved it!

And it tasted good to boot!!

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  1. Cinderella is my favorite and I love this cake! My Cinderella collection has a ton of great things, but I have never had a Cinderella cake like this...going to have to show this to someone for my next birthday! Happy Birthday to your little princess!




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