Monday, December 5, 2011

ice skate swag

I have seen a few different Christmas swags around that use ice skates in them, 
here are two different ideas of how to decorate with skates.

I love how simple this one is, with two pairs and a sled. 

I like how this one is being used as a vase for the greenery and the added snow 
on the windows and skate. Although, that may be real!

 I thought I would try my own version. I have had my eyes open for some skates and finally 
I found some adorable girls size 10 ice skates at Goodwill for $3!! They were brand new. I imagine 
the little girl who these used to belong to either outgrew them or was too intimidated on the ice, 
cause they didn't even have a scuff on them!

I found the green metal container at a city wide garage sale out in the country a few months ago. I am not sure what it is called, but it looks like 2 ceiling tiles put together back to back with an opening at the top to add flowers or whatever you wish. It has a large white metal handle used for hanging. It was still new in the package and I payed $2.50 for it. I picked up a few picks here and there, knowing I would probably use them for the Holidays, and some of them I already had.

I had my husband drill a hole in the back of the hanger thingy (?) so I could string the skates thru it. There really was no other way to hang the skates because even though they are a size 10, skates are HEAVY!
I then cut a small piece of floral foam and shoved it in the opening so the picks would have something to stick into.

I thought about adding some glitter or faux snow to the skates but I just couldn't bring myself to 
do it. I mean these skates are PERfect! If they were old and worn, I would have done it in a heart beat!

I had some silver wired ribbon and a few leftover ornaments that I strung up and placed 
beneath a bow I made. I added the bow to the top of the swag, to hide what  it hung from. 
Plus I think it would have looked too crowded near the skates and picks.
 The only place I used hot glue was attaching the ribbon to the hanger.

I am glad I found little skates, I think a bigger size would not have worked with this 
container as well. I think the proportion is just right!

I also added a few sparkling reindeer ornaments, just the right amount of bling for this piece.
I love my new little swag, the colors and textures are perfect!
I have never done a swag or decorated with ice skates, but I gotta say, I like it!!

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  1. So darling! I bought some vintage skates on Etsy, can't wait to try some of your great ideas.
    Cheers, Andrea

  2. I love how the skates look hanging against the vibrant red sled on your front porch. It makes me want to go play in the snow!

  3. I love what you did with your skates! I just did a couple of pairs but yours are fabulous! Coming over from White Wednesday and a happy new follower!


  4. This is great! I have some vintage child skates and I really need to get them decorated for Christmas-thanks for the inspiration!!


  5. Stunning, you did a wonderful job! I just love Christmas decor with skates. Following you, Diane

  6. What a sweet idea! My wee one gets her first set of iceskates this week. Now I'll know what to do when she outgrows them.

    Thank-you so much for adding to our Pin'Inspiration Party this week.

    Happy follower and would love if you stopped by and grabbed a button.

  7. Gorgeous! And such a pretty color combination!

  8. I love it, Bonnie, and especially with those COLORS!! Thanks SO much for sharing at the Winter Wonderland party over at I Gotta Create!

  9. This is so beautiful! What a great project. Thank you so much for linking it to Fabulous Friday.

    Warmly, Michelle

  10. This is amazingly beautiful! So creative! You are giving me great ideas, I have an etsy shop and I have discovered that I am not all that great at wreaths (compared to some of the stunning ones out there), but now I am considering trying these for next year. Thanks for adding this lovely-ness to the party :) Pinning and tweeting these.

  11. That's so cute!! What a great idea! thanks for sharing!

  12. Absolutely beautiful. I will be featuring your project tonight at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks so much.

  13. Oh I LOVE Winter Ice Skates... I did a tutorial you might like

    I would love for you to stop by and link up here

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