Saturday, September 3, 2011

to Cornice or not to Cornice?

This is a Waverly pattern called Silver Lining. I chose it as my inspiration fabric & from it I chose all the other fabric for the room. It appears more blue in the photo, but it is actually grey. This will go on the window cornices as well as be made into some throw pillows.This is the duvet from Barbara Berry Poetical collection . Not the blue stuff, that is another piece of hers, just the one they call Silver, but is actually more beige! Can't everyone just call a spade a spade? LOL

Here is the fabric I chose. Besides the window cornices I will make pillows, reupholster 2 club chairs with ottomans & a French chair for the vanity.
I am trying to decide what kind of Cornice to put in my master bedroom windows.
I think I will just do a simple fabric cornice, nothing fancy as far as design goes.
I have found some inspiration our there on the web...

I found these great window cornice ideas from HGTV but this may be a bit advanced for my sewing skills.


The Family Handyman
I love how full the curtains are up against the molding inspired cornice board.

I love the shape of this one! It too may be a little above my skill level, stay tunes to see how this tutorial ends up!

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  1. Lots of great inspiration. Curious to see what you do. Thanks for visiting me.



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