Monday, September 26, 2011

Antique built in Cabinets

One of my most favorite find is also my best find as far as value! About 7 years ago I stopped at a garage sale on a Saturday after work. It was apparent the guy was done for the day, he was already putting stuff up. 

The built ins were not side by side so it was hard for me to vision what they looked like. They came out of an old house in the city of St. Louis. There is no back to them, but it is custom made as they are not the same size. The left is slightly wider than the right. There are even adjustable shelves!

 I asked him how much & he said $35. Silence. Excuse me, how much? $35.
Me: OMG!!! what a steal! My only issue is I had a huge rocking horse in the way back that I was taking to an artist to paint it into a Zebra for my Morgan's nursery. I don't know how I did it, but it was not easy to get it all in a small SUV at 7 months pregnant!

When I got it home I had to wash it as it clearly had nicotine stain on it. Ironically it has never smelled of smoke. As I hit it with some Clorox spray, the nicotine just dripped down the cabinet. The paint and hardware are so perfect, I have never touched them in the 7 years I have had it. Although I find my self eyeing it from time to time & thinking IF I did paint it, what color would I do. Like I said my favorite piece & best score. Ones like it at Pottery Barn go for $1500!!

Anywhoo, it is in my breakfast area, near our kitchen table. The top is at about the height of a mantel & so big, it is like having another mantel to decorate. I decorate it for all the holidays & seasons. This year for Fall I used dried plants & silk floral stems tucked behind a large pumpkin. Simple. Easy. I do need to reorganize the contents as I store a lot of my antiques in there while I am not using them. Oh well, another addition to the list! Hope you like!!

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  1. Lovely cabinet. I love cabinet like these to display my antique dishes and glassware. The fall decor are great too.




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