Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYC & what I left behind

My son Andrew & his adorable girlfriend Annie live in Brooklyn, NY.
I spent 5 days there & could not believe all the stuff sitting on the sidewalks waiting to go in the trash trucks! I saw chairs, end tables, side tables, great scraps of wood, crates, mattresses (ewe!). I would not even have to dumpster dive for these prizes, only pick them up & carry them home. Every time I would point something out, I would hear Annie say 'bed bugs!'
Apparently there is a huge problem in NY & they can even lay eggs in wood!

So I had to get my fix another way! We went to the Brooklyn Flea market.
Again, I saw things I would have loved to have carted home with me, but had to leave them behind.

I loved this old chippy secretary.

These adorable little felt monsters were handmade by an Etsy artist

so many cool vintage glasses!

coasters made with recycled magazines

light fixture made with (I believe) chicken feed pans turned upside down

Jewelry made from old watches, some linked together to make a bracelet (love this)
and others taken apart and the insides made into rings

bike seats

this adorable table & chair (love the finish)

these beautiful copper corbels, look @ that patina!

wooden wheel centers

tons of old camera & flashes

old bottles of every shape , color & size

painted furniture

old keys

costume jewelry

I was so proud of my son. he purchased these chairs for his apartment & only paid $5 a piece for them. The best part is they fold up flat and can be stored under his bed or in a closet, great for saving space when they don't need to use all 4. The bad news was that we had to cart them home. It took a cab, a bus and the subway to get them there. I was quite ready to be done with them once we got home.

We stopped @ another flea market called Artist & Fleas which is a small boutique and indoors.
Andrew bought me these 2 precious bracelets, one silver & one gold.

They were hand strung by a gal named Marina who also has an Etsy store.

While walking from the subway to my brothers I passed by this window many times. This was a photo contest winner, & being a hairstylist I could not help but love this look. I think she looks so beautiful, it looks like a painting & not a photo.

This is my brothers apartment, the shorter one right behind the trees. He has a lovely Terrace that you can see the Empire State Building from.

His apartment is right across from the Flat Iron Building, one of the first in NY to have electricity and an elevator

This is my son Andrew & his new kitten, Geri. Seeing Annie & Andrew baby this cat gives me a sense of what great parents they will make someday.

This is their apartment in Broolyn.

And this was the original Macy's store if you can believe that.
I have a few more posts about my trip to NY, one is about the Annie Sloan Workshop I went to and the other, more sights from NY, but mainly focused on 9/11. Look for those later in the week. I had a great trip but I was definitely excited to see my family and sleep in my own bed!

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  1. THE CORBELS! (sorry to yell) how could you NOT shove the corbels in your carry on? or put them in a pet carrier and call them a cat? i'm sure there was one on the curb along the way.

    sooo saaaad.

    but happy that you got the nice bracelets. sort of.



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