Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Sofa table

I showed a little bit of this sofa table when I did a post on The ASCP pumpkins, but I moved some of them to my mantle.

Here are the Metallic Jade pumpkins.

I have had this old trophy champagne bucket for years.
I was going to polish it, but I want the patina for Halloween...
I have no idea what this was originally used for. I bought it for $.50 @ a garage sale a few weeks ago. Tea light candles fit in it perfectly!
I love the old black chippy paint!

Another deer

And here is a shot of the whole table. I love the 2 shelves it has.
I am thinking it may need some paint though...

I wanted to show you a really easy inexpensive way to do a kids table & chairs.
Buy a regular size small table, like a side table & cut the legs down to size.
This used to be in Mr.s apartment before we got married, a TV sat on it. I think I got it for
$5 @ a thrift store.
I had him cut it down to accommodate the solid oak chairs I got @ the Red Barn
Antiques on HWY 63, close to central Missouri.

They used to be an painted an ugly brown color, but I chose a soft sage as I wanted
it to go with any decor. My kids eat on these, color, play games, spill juice, you name it! They are the most used table in our home! I thought of repainting them, but I am not ready to cover up all the memories of them @ that table. :0)
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  1. I love the color of those metallic pumpkins! A little bling is always a good thing, in my opinion :)

  2. Imaš lijep blog i krasne radove..

  3. And again...love those pumpkins. Your sofa table decorations are awesome.

  4. The metalic pumpkins are 'da bomb', gorgeous!

  5. Wow...you've been busy! I love those pumpkins!!



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