Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Kissing Ball

I know it is so close to Valentines day, and almost everyone is done with any decor you may be creating/putting out. But I made these a week or so ago and just never got around to posting about them.

You will need
Styrofoam ball
crepe paper color of your choice
hot glue
Styrofoam hearts on stick (dollar tree)

For the pink one, I cut strips to about 14". if you want them a different size, cut accordingly.
I started to wrap the roses and you can find the full tutorial on my post about my 

To make the one below I used the same technique I did on my Scrappy Burlap Tree I did
for Christmas. You can see that technique here. The only difference is that I used pink and made a heart shape first, then the white around it. I actually cut the pink a bit shorter after I had it glued on. I also trimmed the white to make it more even and circular. (OK fine, cause I am a hairdresser and I love to cut things! Happy??)

I bought a pack of hard foam hearts on red sticks at the dollar store. I just carefully twisted off the heart from  the stick and turned it around so that the bottom of the heart is now the 'arrow' in the front, and carefully pushed it into the foam and then hit it with a dollop of hot glue.

(secret: I was a bit tired of making this one, so the back is actually 
unfinished! Maybe next year I will fill it in!)
Easy as pie!

My parents got engaged on Valentines day in 1960. My 
Mom made this ceramic heart box for my Dad's Mother. 

I never even knew it existed until my Grandfather passed away and my Mom and I had started to clear some of their stuff out. I usually keep this on my guest room dresser, close to the back so it does not fall. It did get a chip somehow in the last few years.

I have not gotten around to fixing it yet. Can you see it on the top of the rose?

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  1. So cute! I love these! Why is everyone more clever than me? :)

    1. I don't know, I have seen some of your stuff, I disagree with the clever!!

  2. hey, a 1/2 finished ball is waaaay more than i did for v-day crafts this year!

    i can barely see the chip so just pretend it's not there.... or maybe it's a little reminder that love is not perfect. still, how lucky you are to have such a sweet piece of your parents' history.

  3. I love the box your mother made. This is such a special piece of your history to share. Lovely.

  4. Okay. Those balls are one of the cutest Valentine's decorations that I've seen!
    New Follower and loving it!

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