Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting there...

So I have been trying to organize over here at the old homestead. My cabinets and closets are in shambles.
Not exciting enough to share with you though, maybe when they are all done, I will do a photo collage.
I did find a dresser for my bedroom over the weekend.
I originally thought it would work in my daughters room, but it is too long. I then remembered that I have a mound of clothes on a chair in my bedroom. It has been in several different stages, from absolutely clean to piled high with clean clothes. It never occurred to me that I may need a BIGGER dresser!!

I am in the middle of redoing the Mater bedroom and here are a few elements already in the room.

duvet cover

Here is the bedding, minus the blue.

here is a 1920's vanity I just hand painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint! Antibes green with a touch of old white & duck egg blue for the handles, clear wax, LOVE it! I am looking for inspiration to redo the chair, any  ideas??

Here is my vanity as a side table. The french chair is on my 'LIST'.

new bedding & bed I will do paint treatment on, grey??

Here is the bed minus the bedding. 

Aged Silver Finish tutorial, LOVE this idea for a mirror I am going to do for the bedroom!

I am thinking of doing this finish on the bed.

I have an antique armoire that my husband does not want me to paint, and it is a nice rich brown. 
Not too dark and not too light. I am ok with alot of different neutrals in the room. So here are some thoughts...
eitherer way, I am  going to prime the entire thing, it has a bit of a smell, not too bad, but I do not want to smell it at all. SO I have bought the primer and the paint.
I am thinking about black.
But I am unsure about the drawers.
So here is a peek at them...

See how the scrolls come off the handles? I am keeping the handles, so do I want to just paint the handles a different color and keep the rest black or do I want to accentuate the scrolls off the handles.

black painted dresser

See how this black is trimmed out in white? I am thinking of painting the scrolls in white or silver. But my only hesitation is that there are 9 drawers, and that could be good or bad. Busy enough or too busy??

I do have an unopened can of ASCP in Cocoa that I have been dieing to use.
any ideas or thoughts??


  1. leave the scrolls the same as the rest of the piece for now. soooo easy to change if you want at a later date!!

    can't wait to see what you do next!

    1. I was hoping you would have an opinion!
      Black or cocoa?

  2. Sounds like you have a lot to think about and a lot of work to do! Have fun with this project. I'm anxious to see what you end up doing!

  3. WOW you have GREAT taste! I love all your ideas, and that silvery paint, I am drooling!!! OH and p.s. I came over to say thanks for the sweet lil note about my bathroom!! My husband has been bugging me about doing a tutorial on the wood floors, so that is coming soon :) And YES we put 2 layers of moisture barrier under the floors, it is a roll of thick black plastic you buy at home depot.
    Thanks for stopping over, now I have a new blog to LOVE!!!

  4. Your room looks beautiful! I am in love with your painted, green vanity! I keep staring at it. What a fantastic piece and a fantastic color! I am your newest follower :)



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