Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Mantle

I finally have all my Valentine decor up. I know, for what, a week??
There are alot of pics, so I will just show you already...

This was my first attempt at bunting!

One of my favorite photo at our wedding! 
The glare from the glass makes it seem like it is over exposed, but no.
 I did try to fiddle with it in Picnik, but didn't work.

You can't see it, but the antique book is a book of Poems. 
I use the mercury glass candle sticks through out the year.
The wreath of roses I bought at a Thrift store and it actually looks like dirty cement. 
Unfortionatly it is not a strong. I had two of them...
(I used them in my Halloween mantle too!)

Of course, two other loves of my life!

I got the striped fabric at a Thrift store, about a yard of it for I think $1.
The lace was bought there as well. They had 'I love you', Just Married', and 'Love' on 4 
different panels. I just cut them out on top of the triangle I cut out of the fabric.
The red hearts I got there also for $.25 a piece.

Ok, I know. I have tried 14 different ways to get this to stay turned and everything is 
good in editing all the way up until I hit 'add selected' in Blogger. Ggggrrrrrrr!

I have had this box of Ireland's Chocolates from St. Louis for a while now, but I have never pulled it out for Valentines day. The paper on the top is a little frayed on the edges, but other than that is it pretty solid.
I am guessing from the girl it is from about the 20's-30's. The small Mercury glass to the right of it is real Mercury glass. It was my husbands Great Grandmothers. I usually have it tucked away in safe keeping. Did you know Mercury glass actually has no Mercury in it? Back when Silver was all the rage, the people who could not afford it, bought 'Mercury looking glass' to fool you. Funny how it is more popular now than the Silver.

I also did a few little Valentine day crafts. I will post those tomorrow!

Also I will be linking up my Wait a wee Meenit Wednesday's party, so stop back by!

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  1. I just love your Valentine's Day mantle...especially the mercury glass. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  2. I love your mantel!! Your mercury glass collection is wonderful!! And, your bunting is the perfect addition!

    I'll be featuring this over at Mantel Monday tomorrow (or...later today. Sheesh. I need to hit the sack!)

    1. Thanks Emily!! This was my first attempt at bunting, glad you liked it!

  3. I Love what you did with your Valentine's mantle! It really is darling! Thank you for sharing with us on six sister's stuff! We hope to see you next Saturday!
    -The Sisters

  4. So pretty Bonnie! Thanks for linking up over at I Gotta Create! Hope you had a LOVE-ly Valentines Day!

  5. You completely match our expectation and the variety of our information.
    Loving Valentine

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