Wednesday, February 1, 2012

an organized laundry room

My laundry room is as small as an outhouse. Room enough for a washer and dryer, hamper, a door in from garage and a door out to hallway. And room, enough to move from the washer, over to the dryer, right next to it. That's it. SSSMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!
I have seen coat closets bigger than this. It seems to be the room that holds alot of other stuff, besides laundry. There is one big shelf above the washer/dryer, and when I want to put something up there I usually chuck it up there and hope it stays, but usually it takes me about 3 tries. Boots, blankets for the park, baseball gloves, lunch boxes, snow cone maker, big box of plastic silverware, suntan lotion, bug spray, fly swatter(s), snow pants, packing tape, plastic shopping bags, and a backpack-just in case we need it!
(if we ever have a power outage, I am covered on the flashlights- EGADS, look at them all!)

So I was at my favorite thrift store and I found 4 canvas baskets, with slots for labels. Just the ticket! They fit perfectly, with a tiny space left for my husbands vacuum sealer on the end.

(yes,this room is as wide as a washer and dryer-that's it. See that plastic bag on the bottom left, 
it is our trash can for the lint. No room for even a trash can!)

Everything either got tossed or went into the appropriate basket. I don't know that is has been 
painted since it was built, I am going to have to look for a light, refreshing color to paint it. 
There really is no room for any decor of any kind, so that's easy. 
BONUS: all my laundry is caught up!!

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