Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wait A Wee Meenit Wednesday's #2 Link party and features

So my first Link party is still open cause I didn't know what I was doing now closed.
I have had a busy week and did not do a whole lot to promote this party, but I do appreciate all of you that did link up, I love to be inspired by everything!

Here are my favorites.
So, first up is the

Emperor's Red dresser makeover that Amy from The Salvage Collection finished

She know I love it and that if she were closer, I would break into her home, leave all the cash, jewels and electronics and go straight for this bad boy! It is my favorite furniture redo in all of blog land!
Plus Amy is hella funny and talented, so go see her!!

Next up is this Burlap Valentine Wreath from Amanda @ My Hearts Desire.

She added her red burlap to a wreath she used for other seasons, leaving the Burlap intact. How genius of her, and I love the red/tan color scheme going on. I also learned you can get a wire heart wreath from Hobby Lobby, who knew!

Next up is from Carolyn From Homework and her Valentine Twig Arrows.

Why did none of us think of this! I mean, what in the world is Cupid supposed to shoot you with???
These are so simple to make and I am sure most of us have everything needed on hand. Bravo!

And lastly, but not leastly (?) is this Photo Wall Art from Natalie over at North Shore Days.

They are photos she blew up of her Frangipani Trees she has out by her pool. She reused the words she had on a gallery wall and now they are the star of the dining room!

If you were featured grab my button (a 'featured' button is in the works.)

 The party will start early on Wednesdays and will run through Tuesday of the following week. You can link up anything you are proud of. It can be a craft, furniture refinishing, anything DIY, a recipe, tips or tutorials, I am not picky! There are some rules, but not to many and they are not too strict. If you would like to have a chance to be featured, make sure you follow these simple rules.
  1. Be a follower of a wee Meenit.
  2. Make sure to add my button to the post you are linking up. 
  3. Try to look around at fellow link ups. Sometimes something that doesn't look that interesting in a space the size of a postage stamp can be deceiving, but if you click it anyway, you will be amazed at all the stuff you could have missed.
  4. no giveaways or Etsy shops
That's it!!

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  1. thanks, ms. hostess, for the kindness and the feature of my red creature!! i'm repaying you by not washing my hair. (ew. that sounds icky, doesn't it?)

    now i'm heading out to make some valentine arrows!!

  2. Bonnie-
    Even though I have a backlink to your blog in my post it is not letting me share with you... Suggestions?

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my wall art Bonnie. I'm also having a problem with your button - so just using a manual link back. Take care, Nat

  4. We can't get linked up either even with a link in the post.

  5. Was super busy last week and missed your first party. Congratulations on this exciting venture. I'm linking up tonight. Thanks for hosting.

    1. I'm trying to link up, too. Have a link in my post, but can't post on your party. Oh, the joys of technology.



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