Friday, January 6, 2012

Thrifting #2

Well here it is, January 6th and I have nothing going on. The Holidays were so crazy (crazy fun) that I just needed a few weeks to mellow out. If you saw my 2012 Bucket list, then you know I have some pretty big ambitions that will make for a busy year. I need no more furniture to paint, I have a house full and unless it is a really really great, too good to pass up 'would you look how much they marked those Berger's for' then I am NOT going to buy it until I make some headway in the furniture department. That will also make my husband very happy. Soo I went and did a little bit of shopping as I had a little Christmas $ burning a hole in my pocket. I went to one of my favorite Thrift stores out here in O'fallon called Graces. Well today I got some sweet deals I wanted to show off.

It was mostly larger stuff, some I needed, some I wanted! Ha!

First up is a pair of heavy metal lamps that will sit on my buffet in the dinning room. I have looked 
around a bit for a set and hadn't come up with anything I liked. I do not think they started out as 
black, but someone painted the. I love the scroll work on them. The shades are new, I will have to see how I feel about them when I redo the dinning room. I paid $20 a piece for them.

Next up is a medium size oil painting in a gorgeous frame. I am not sure about the painting, 
a little more pink than my liking, but the frame is a keeper for sure. This ran me $15.

Then a large oil painting, like 2'2 1/2'. The painting is old, but in great shape. It may go in my 
bedroom or in the bathroom, not sure yet. This was only $20.

I can;t wait to get some chalk paint on it though! The frame is ridiculously nice!

Here is a close up of the children in the painting. It reminds me of my 2 youngest. 
They look about the right ages right now too!

Lastly I grabbed this milk carrier. I have seen some reproduction ones on WUSLA 
and other places, but never came across them myself. Guess how much?? 
I know, right? Crazy!!! I would have spent twice that!

And here is the most patient (he is like my stop watch, when he is done, I have spent enough money), well behaved and my most favorite 4 year old shopping companion, Wyatt. IF he is alone. You add his sister to the mix and they both act like they belong in the circus! Why is that?? It is that way at home too! It's like they spend time thinking up ways to get in trouble! 

I am going out to the country for the weekend with the family and the weather could not be better here. it is January 6th and may reach 70 today. CA. RAY. ZY!!! We have had no snow to speak of this year, not sure we will get any, how about you, do you have a favorite companion to go shopping with you? And is your weather not the 'norm' for this time of year??

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  1. Looks like you found some fabulous things. That milk carrier is to die for;why can't I stumble on something like that?

  2. Love those frames, and the price is great...I found similar ones at salvation army for 40 and 50$$$$ :D crazy prices in my area :(



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