Friday, January 13, 2012

Morgan's Mydeco Bedroom moodboard

So one of my big projects on my 2012 Bucket list is my daughter Morgan's bedroom. Her room right now just does not reflect her personality. It was collected from here and there, which is a look I love, but I want it to have a little bit more of her personality reflected in it. I have been Pinning ideas for her room. Then I found Mydeco today, a website that allows you to make free moodboards! You simply install the 'clipper' (very much like the 'pin it' button) in your header, then if you see something you like, you just hit Mydeco clipper and again, just like @ Pinterest you will have an option to 'clip' as many things on the page as you wish. They will go into different files  you can create. You have the ability to drag and drop, rotate, shrink, enlarge, overlap any of your photos. You can have as many moodboards as you wish, I think I may make one for all of my bucket list!
 Here are the  2 moodboard I created for Morgan's bedroom.

Morgan's room #1. Bedroom. Eclectic

The first one was a little busy, so I moved some of it to a second mood board. 

Morgan's room #2. Bedroom. Eclectic

They both have some similarities, but the colors in the first one are a little brighter, a little more 'strawberry' if you will and the second one still has an emphasis on pink, but with a bit more personality than the pink in her room now. Both of the inspiration fabrics are from the Jane Sassaman Free Spirit Garden Diva's fabric line. Joanne's has them for $10 a yard.I am going to make a headboard and a duvet cover for her room. But I am going to make one a print and one a solid. I am leaning more towards the duvet being the print, but I think it will be more impactful if I do the headboard in a print. The only drawback of that is that I probably will want to keep the headboard forever, not necessarily the duvet though. In Morgan's room now she has an old chippy pink dresser with original paint finish on it (LOVE). She also has a yellow child's armoire from the late 60's that also has the original finish on it. I love both pieces, but neither of them is big enough to hold her clothes. I think I will get more space in the room if I get her a taller larger dresser. As far as her bed goes I am going to turn it sideways and push it back against the wall, like a day bed. I have an antique wrought iron headboard/footboard with brass knobs on top that I think I will use on the sides and then do a tufted headboard along the back wall. I am trying to give her little bit more floor space in there.  Here is an idea of what I want it to look like, but not necessarily the built ins on the side, but what a great idea!!

Pinned Image

We put a chair rail in the room when we switched it from a guest room to her room. I am not sure if I want to do something like bead board wall paper on the bottom then a soft grey on top.  I am sure I will come up with a third moodboard for her room before ling, Mydeco makes it so fun and easy!!I would love your feedback if you have any ideas that would work as well.

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  1. How Fun! I love both of your boards...they are so Bold! Can't wait to see how it always does, doesn't it?

  2. Thanks so much for the information Bonnie!

  3. Great pictures--love that last picture. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday. Hope you'll be back this week--

  4. love those fabrics.... and had to pin both boards!! i've never done a mood board but i'm flagging mydeco and checking it out!



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