Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spray Paint mistake!!

So, I wanted to spray paint a mirror to go over the green vanity I painted with ASPC that I finished last week, and I was thinking a high gloss yellow. So I got a cheapo mirror @ a thrift store for a few bucks. I loved the shape of it, but the color was all wrong.
I started with a primer & my mistake was apparent right away, I did not shake the can well enough & I was left with a mirror that looked like a flocked tree. My family lives in Phoenix & every year they would get a flocked tree. It has to be the ugliest, fakest looking Christmas tree out there, but people pay alot of $ for the tree lots to flock their tree.

see, ugly flocked tree
any who, @ that time I could not do anything about it so I thought I would just go with it. I prayed the entire frame with unshaken primer & the frame is now very textured. Very ugly texture. I let fry & spray on Krylon Bright idea. I applied 2 coats, then a high gloss top coat. It looked horrible. So horrible I didn't have the heart to take a photo of it. I then got a brilliant idea that maybe I could take a sanding block & sand all the 'fuzzy hard texture' off & start over. Problem was, this mirror has lots of crevices that you cant reach with a sander. How about a sand blaster? That would work, but who wants to hassle with a $8 mirror? So I just left it alone after trying to remove as much of the primer as I could. I don't think it looks too bad considering, but I will still be on the look out for one to replace this one. Anyone want a good deal on a yellow mirror?

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  1. Oh, Bonnie. I love this mirror so much! Okay, I love this mirror so much WITHOUT the bumpy primer! Now you might have to sand it down. Ugh. BUT, it will be totally worth it. Can't wait to see it when it's done. Love the yellow with the green.


  2. This wonderful post totally contributed to the blog party's success! Thanks for linking up at Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  3. Your new blog is beautiful!! I can't wait to see more!


  4. Ha! I think this happens to the best of us! My "less than perfects" have been getting relegated to the deck for outdoor decor.

    Thanks for sharing! Not every piece can be a masterpiece right?


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  5. What a great story! Too funny, love the flocked tree visual! Love the mirror though! It's gorgeous! If you got desperate to change it up you could use paint stripper and a stiff brush to get into the crevices...and then start over! :) You can do that in a couple years when the style changes anyway. :)
    Thanks for linking to my mirror party!

  6. I think you could give the wet/dry sand paper with soapy water a try, it should work! The other way to go would be stripper and start over. It is a cute mirror! I would do it!

  7. The mirror looks great!!.. It's really unique looking.. and I don't think anyone can tell that there was a mistake in putting in the colour.

  8. Oh man! That mirror goes perfectly with the vanity!

  9. I hate it when projects go pear shaped! It's a lovely shaped mirror, but sand blasting would be a lot of effort. I guess it depends on how much you want it. Sigh

  10. I hate when crafting projects go awry. Good luck fixing it (though I think it looks fine)! =>

  11. Lovely mirror!

    Have a lovely weekend too & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,



  12. Hehe! You are very brave to post what you consider to be a mistake. Judging by the comments I'd say not everyone agrees it looks bad. :)

  13. Hello.
    This is why I'm a poet (lol).

    Thanks for sharing.

    Yesterday With You

  14. Bonnie! I have so many projects exactly like this! But mine are much, much uglier!

    I don't think it really looks bad at all...maybe it needs some felt roses!

    Thanks for a cute link for the letter Y.


  15. flocked tree? news to me! (oh, a rhyme popped out!)

    and why, exactly, did your family...whatever.

    bummer about your mirror. it might be fun to wield a sandblaster, though.

    keep 'em comin'!


  16. Aww, but I like that tree. :o Lovely mirror, though.



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