Monday, August 22, 2011

Here I am!!!

I am not new to blogs or bloggers, just the bloggING part!

I have followed several great design/decor blogs (of which I will share along the way) and thought to my self, I want to do that. I have been so inspired by these women who have created huge followings just by being passionate about what they already love doing! I LOVE everything I will be posting about (OK, 99% of it) as somethings will need to be peeled, stripped, re-glued, or resown.

This blog will be about everything from hand painted furniture, thrifting, DIY projects to whatever else I am feeling @ the moment.

I hope to post original content and photographs, as well as links to other blog ideas I feel I can't NOT share (with credit/consent of course).

I will be publishing daily with emphasis on the following:

Before & After (my favorite)

Hand Painted Furniture


Reupholstering Furniture


Sewing (we can learn together)

Easy to do Crafts

The Occasional recipe/food I love

Helpful Hints as well as Worthless Tips

Cute/funny posts on my kids

To learn more about 'wee me', there is a tab in my Navbar.

I am so excited and honored you would be willing to take this journey with me and follow my blog~

Hope to see you soon!

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