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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

our haunted graveyard & 6 wicked days of Halloween

today is day one of a 6 day blog crawl.
Go check out the creator of this crawl, Marilyn of the Artsy Girl Connection as she shares the first post with her Creepy Critter Potion. What a great way to get some vitamins into your kids and have fun doing it! Check back tomorrow for the next name on the list!

I finished up the outside decorations, but never got around to posting them, so here they are...

Like the sign says, enter if you dare.

This guy hangs from our flag pole. Last year my son would not go NEAR it!!

My husband works on a conservation area here in Missouri, and has access to alot of great outdoor stuff. Like corn stalks! He lined our walk with them by sticking them in the ground a little and tying them to a hidden post. He also gathered individual stalks and tied them together and they are freestanding in the yard. The pumpkins he carved years ago with a dremmel tool and has them over our landscape lights.  They are all different. Pretty cool I must say. 

Here is our graveyard with Styrofoam tombstones. We usually get one or two after the season on clearance. I am sure they are easy to make, but we only buy if they are CHEAP!

I love my little hippo mouth that I put bird seed in poking out on the bottom right, so not relevant! 
Or is it...

The corn was green a few weeks ago, until it was 'replanted' here.  Sometimes we tie a bunch to our columns but wanted to try something different this year.

The witch is our standard 'scarecrow' mount. It changes every year too. Last year it was a great Jack Skelton! Her head is actually a big plastic ORANGE pumpkin. Know what I painted her face with?? Yep. Annie Sloan's Antibes green. Perfect for that witchy green complexion. I go out every day, waiting for it to slide off the plastic or chip due to the elements, but it looks like I just did it yesterday.

This guy does creep me out a bit.

Alas, I can not have a very pretty front porch until after Halloween, as it usually
 hides the urns and pumpkins.

I do have a little bit of 'cute' stuff peaking out. 

This guy is pretty creepy too. If my husband could turn our yard into a real Haunted graveyard, he would so do it!! I sometimes have to curb his 'enthusiasm'and remind him, the trick-or treaters are usually little kids.

I love how adding just a bit of Spanish moss finishes off this pumpkin urn. 

I love how the tombstones age over time, like the real thing.

This is again, my husband. The bones usually are in the ground, looking like they are coming up from the grave, but this year he did a 'bone mobile'. Just drilled a hole and strung them up!  
We also do a fog machine, creepy music and black lights on Halloween. Like I said, it's kinda borderline!
Hope you enjoyed our yard, I know we do!!

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1 comment:

  1. The bone mobile is just about the coolest thing ever! I would love to come to your house for some Trick or Treating :) And that hippo... I'm still grinning!



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