Monday, December 10, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crafting gone wrong

Several months ago i found this wreath on Pinterest.
It was love at first sight.
P3091850 copy
I thought is was THE most creative wreath I had ever seen and couldn't wait to try it for my self.
I bought all my supplies and spent 2 hours carefully wrapping the fun fur 'grass' around the Styrophoam making sure that when I wrapped it I didn't lay it down on the previously wrapped 'grass'. Yeah, 2 hours later I was pleased as punch. I glued on my little flowers and I had some large rick rack that I tied into a bow. I took it out to my front door to photograph and it slipped out of my hand and slammed down to the bricks and busted up into 4 pieces. I could not believe it!! I was soooo pissed! Seriously, how does Styrophoam crack apart like that?? I picked up the 4 pieces with the yarn going everywhere and threw it onto the table. My husband came home and said, what happened here and I said, you tell me. I told him I was done that I did not have it in me to wrap it all again for 2 hours on a new wreath. He secretly glued the pieces back together for me and said all I had to do was to figure out the wrapping. Some is still in tack, some is in long loops, so I am going to have to cut some of it and rewrap, but not nearly what I would have. 
So stay tuned for my craft wreath gone bad, but saved in the end...

I will be uploading my pics from the Annie Sloan workshop I attended in Chicago, let me just say-

Thursday, March 22, 2012


OMG, I can't even stand it!!
Wanna know what has gotten my britches in such a fit???

Here is one guess...


YEP, I am going to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshop in Chicago this weekend!!
I know, right?!!!
I wanted to go and then I told myself, well I just went to a class in New Jersey when Classic Wall Finishes hosted a class in September, and I got to meet sisters Patty and Karen, who are fabulous stockists in NJ. I learned so much from them!! How did I get from the Midwest to NJ? I went to visit family in NYC but took one day out to go to the workshop. I took a cab from my brothers apartment, to the train station, then the train for an hour to Eatontown NJ, then another cab to the hotel, and I was coming all the way from ST. LOUIS!!
This time, it is a 5 hour car ride with a friend of mine,who wasn't going to go either, until we both said, we won't have an opportunity to take a class from THE Annie Sloan herself for who knows how long!!
You only live once right?!
I still cant believe we are going, and will leave for Chi town tomorrow afternoon!!
Stay tuned, I am sure there will be LOTS to share and post about!!!

Gotta go pack, and grab my books for THE Annie Sloan to autograph!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meet the Junk Drawer Diva

I was checking out some pages on my Facebook and I stumbled upon a gal who does furniture painting and I can NOT believe some of her stuff!

I will let the photos speak for themselves...

Meet Kathy; the Junk Drawer Diva

Besides the fact that her furniture is like little masterpieces, her settings are just perfect. 
She lives in Florida and I love the natural setting she stages them in!!

This is the piece that caught my eye, but wait, there is more of it...

I am dying for this bed!! The soft violet with white trim is perfect and the details are amazing. 

Her distressing and color blending is to be admired!

I mean COME ON! This looks like a water color painting, not furniture painting!!!

But sadly, she does not have a blog she updates. I am sure she is inundated with furniture 
requests!! She does have a Facebook page as well as an Etsy shop.
Please visit her Facebook page and send a message that she NEEDS to post on her blog. 
Every day. So I can see. Every day!!

Monday, March 5, 2012


For those of us addicted to Pinterest, 'PinClout is your source for Pinterst analytics. It empowers people and brands with tools necessary to monitor trends, understand activity and gauge impact easily'.
Here is another description from their home page...

PinClout is a fresh new startup created by Chris Fay (Chris Fay Consulting, LLC) and Daniel Schimpfoessl (PureField, LLC), focusing on bringing trend data and analytics to Pinterest users at large. We both felt that beneath the fun of Pinterest lay a powerful platform, one that if leveraged well could prove quite the upper hand for people and brands. We set off to create a new service offering valued insight into the activity on Pinterest, and just recently launched with the PinClout score, which scores members based on a series of elements and activities.

So how do you find your PinClout score? Head over the the PinClout website.
You just need to add a few lines of information, mostly about your user names, email address kinda stuff. Here I will use my score as an example.

Pinterest Analytics |
PinterestClout Score
39Out of 100
  • Total Pins2,290
  • Total Repins3,114
  • Total Likes
  • Total Liked514
  • Total Followers204
  • Total Following149
  • Total Comments19
  • Total Boards108
  • Total Community Boards

bonnieboze's Most Popular Boards

good to know
  • Repins330
  • Followers267
  • Pins77
  • Liked52
  • Comments3
girls room idea...
  • Repins326
  • Followers253
  • Pins200
  • Liked76
  • Comments4
Halloween ideas
  • Repins283
  • Followers260
  • Pins142
  • Liked47
  • Comments1
Valentines day
  • Repins240
  • Followers251
  • Pins87
  • Liked41
  • Comments-

I am not sure how they come up with the score. Possibly how much activity you have on your boards as well as you Pinning others boards.
I think it is kinda cool how much socialization has come from Pinterest.
I for one am thinking of starting a 12 step program, Pinners anonymous. Message me if you want to know about the upcoming meetings.
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